Sick of You

by Shenanigans

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released September 18, 2010

Recorded at LC³ Records. All songs were written and produced by Jonathan Roberts. All songs were recorded by Jonathan Roberts. Guitars, Drums, Vocals, and any other instrument heard in the songs were written and recorded by Jonathan Roberts.



all rights reserved


Shenanigans Simi Valley, California

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Track Name: Sick of You
Go to my room,
hell that's all I can really do.
Come to me now,
down the stairs and up to the clouds.
Now I'm God forsaken,
like the home that's in my dreams.
Come to me now,
if you don't I'm gonna scream

Come over here,
now I know that your still near.
I'm around the bend,
turn around and you'll see then.
Now I'm tired of waiting,
burning out like another flame.
Come to me now,
playing life like a brand new game.

So sick of you,
you telling me what to do.
I keep on trying to,
to know you.
Track Name: Move Along
Speak to my mother cause,
you're not my brother,
go a little bit further but,
not quite to you.
I know you've got a first name but,
I don't know the rest of it,
you don't know how I feel cause,
I haven't told you.
You know it's all okay though,
you know I'm alright,
you blow it all away though,
and I put up a fight.
You keep my instincts flowing through,
my room,
you don't know what I'm going
out to do.

You got it all so clear,
it's in your head now,
you know that you're the one,
that got me here now.
Sitting and staring,
wishing I was you,
you got me going,
i'm flowing through my living room.

And you don't know why,
space between the sin, again.
To my room again,
but I'm not the Shenanigan.
Track Name: Stuck in a Rut
Now it's not a secret.
You may end up failing too.
Hold my heart and keep it.
What goes around is coming back to you.
And everything might seem,
that everything's a dream.
You and i together.
No time to mess around,
look at what I found,
me and you forever.

And now it's not so clear,
On why your still not here.
From all the things I fear.
And now you're not here.

I've gotten myself deeper,
from all the good things I have done.
What happens when I meet her,
will she think different about me?
Forgive me of my sins,
and no one really wins.
The best is going out there.
The free fall after all,
and you will hear the call,
that's coming around the future.
Track Name: Together You and Me
For all the lovers all alone.
I found this place to call my home.
When your standing there with me.
So much clearer now i can see.
For everybody that's in love.
You might think it's not enough.
But that's not true for what we do.
Look at everything I see you.

Now it's all so clear to see.
I see her and she see's me.

When your staring at the sky.
Know I'm with you so don't cry.
You are everything I need.
I am here to help you succeed.

For all the lovers all alone.
I found this place to call my own.
Now we're all one big family.
We'll live together you and me.
Track Name: You're a Waste of Time
You make me so crazy
Now your sitting there at home.
You're a waste of time
I don't need your crap
so put it away before I go home.
You don't need me around
cause you've got your life so planned out.
But what I can't figure out is why
you kept me here around.

Now it's all so clear to you.
You don't know what your gonna do.
This bet has gone up to your head.
Sooner or later you'll be dead.

Your life gets so lazy
now your sitting there at home.
The opportunities knocking
you better run away before I get hold.
I smash your windows in with a stick
I found on your front lawn.
You had your chance to run away
but now that opportunity is gone.
Track Name: Remote Control
I know that now I am so lost
I thought I'd give it all, I forgot.
You know I am right here for you
I give a kiss from me to you.
You now know why I worry to.
I hate to see you gave up too.

And now I feel forgotten,
cause now I think your gone.
What should I do or wait for you.
And now I see your on.

I know you now feel really shy,
and I always ask why.
You've been around for so long,
now I can tell there's something wrong.
Track Name: This Love's Forever
Was it just a dream?
This loves forever,
you can I together as it is.
Remember everything?
How is the weather,
let us be together when we're there.

And it's all figured out
and there is no doubt
that we know what else to do.
When it's all set in stone,
then I'll come right home
and I'm always thinking of you.

Everything might mean?
We are together,
I love you forever and again.
I'm writing songs for you,
I'll share whatever.
Tell me whatever you want me to do.
Track Name: It's All So True
Walking down the streets again,
Your so beautiful.
Hold your hands I'll be with you,
you're so wonderful.
As you stare into my eyes I'd like to thank you,
for all you've done.
You are everything I need,
you are my belief.

I don't know,
it's all so true.
You may think I don't
believe in you.
But that's not true,
from what I've said.
This intoxication's
gone to your head.

I will never let you go,
I'm so afraid.
I tell you that I'm leaving home,
don't be afraid.
I can make it on my own fine don't believe me,
what will you say.
I blow a kiss across the world,
will you get it.
Track Name: The Knife and Scroll
So much in love,
your everything I need.
you're what I'm thinking of,
I can't see you think of me.

So many days have gone by,
and nobody knows how I cry,
Now I'm sitting here all alone.
Can't get blood from a stone,
knock on the door no ones home.
You are everything I need.

You knife and scroll what's left of me,
You can't defeat what you have seen.
And now I'm on the road.
I will call you on the phone.
Track Name: Mother Don't Cry
I know you are sitting at your home.
I know that everyone now knows that you're not alone.
You sit there watching time go by like a hurricane.
You hear the sound of snow but it's not it's only rain,
what's wrong?

You stayed up every night cause I was still awake.
You gave me growing lies which doesn't bring me much pain.
So now I write this song, for everyone going by.
And now I know your not alone now please don't cry,
mother don't cry.

Maybe life didn't give you everything you need.
You know you have your life and your family.
You might not know this yet but you'll find out it's true.
I want you to know this though that we believe in you.
Believe in you.
Track Name: Shenanigans
This is the end of the world,
gather all the boys and the girls.
This is for if your the best,
gather round and lets start the test.
YOU were always in my mind,
now we're all just wasting time.
Blow that mailbox into the west,
it ricochets and hits you in the chest.

Now I'll let go,
start a new generation,
now we're on our own.
No police station.

When we get to the neighbors house,
you got to be as quiet as a mouse,
hop in the car and lets start to jet.
Leave the bag on the doorstep.