by Shenanigans

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The second full length acoustic album by Shenanigans.


released May 15, 2015

All songs were written and produced by Jonathan Roberts except for Pushing Me Away. Chorus and end Verse was written by Matt Watson, and Verses were written by Jonathan Roberts.



all rights reserved


Shenanigans Simi Valley, California

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Track Name: We Do
You and I, we’re stretched so thin.
This was a race we can hardly win.
It’s true, I couldn’t do it without you.
And everything that I tried to ignore.
Is everything that you seem to adore,
it’s true, it belongs to you.

And they have to complicate our ever.
So we couldn’t help but state our clever.
But this has to be something that I wanted
to endore.
With You.

I won’t complain about a single thing.
That’s not a promise but I’ll try to agree with you
and whatever you do.
We can act like we’re little again,
when we’re 80 and we’re young within
we do, as long as it’s with you.

We can explore the world today,
come tomorrow we sleep in and stay
in the room, and do whatever we want to.
Things are hard but it’s all okay,
even when people get in the way,
for you, we can walk right through.
Track Name: Melody
Well I could stay here,
if only for a while.
I’d only say that cause
we have walked this longest mile.
My heart is shaped here,
that part was overwhelming.
I can’t escape the pain I cause
and now I’m slowly drowning.

And I can go on,
I’m sure there’s more to say.
But I can’t breathe in
when all the rest is grey.
Now don’t do wrong,
just like my father did.
And I can’t shut it out
with what it really is.

And I could say he
became a better man,
but let’s face it
when we have done the best we can.
It’s run full course,
just like it’s gonna do.
The sad part is that
it’s not suppose to.

But now the hates gone,
the pain is over with.
I did my part but he
still ignored his kid.
Well who needs it,
I moved on anyway.
My life is new
and he wouldn’t have a say.
Track Name: You Always Knew
Fall from the clouds in the sky
as all feel your pain you cry
as we sit alone and die
from ways you always knew.

Comes from heaven and hell
from as far as I can tell
the hate sleeps inside of you
but we can wait just for you.

Watch as your world falls apart
from beginning and start
to finally know
what we came here just to do.

Run from hill to hill
and wait til the city is still
and learn the lessons in here
cause I can’t take much more.
Track Name: Something Clever
This time I’m doing what I know.
Cause life seems simpler now that I’m not alone.
Before it hurt to much to speak.
With you I know that I will not be weak.

There's too much here I can’t remember.
Weird how life can be changed so easily.
But life has put us here together.
And now I feel like falling’

(sub 2) and you will catch me falling.

And now I know what all that means.
The things I’ve changed to get here, the things I’ve seen.
My life seemed rushed I couldn’t wait,
But all that time spent waiting, it’s not too late.