That Being Said

by Shenanigans

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All acoustic album. New to Shenanigans and the fans!


released January 1, 2011

Matt Watson/Producer (Except "With You"), Guitar "Honestly", Backup Vocals "The Fifth Song". Anthony Montoya/Songwriter "Honestly", Backup Vocals "The Fifth Song". Recorded in Matt's grandma's bedroom. Songs written by Jonathan Roberts (Except "Honestly"). Guitar played by Jonathan Roberts (Except "Honestly"). Vocals by Jonathan Roberts. Harmonica by Matt Watson.



all rights reserved


Shenanigans Simi Valley, California

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Track Name: On Our Own
Because my heart has fallen,
the train is calling,
and you can't find out what we are missing,
and people change,
we all rearrange,
and this is what we've seen.
Check the scene.

And I can't help you out this way.
I know, how, that we will fall away.
We can't make it on our own,
so I try, try, try and use the road.

Now I don't need this,
the thoughts that you're scheming,
and I can't see your face.
It drives me crazy.
The people we meet,
will all be neat,
until you see what you're doing to me.
Track Name: Just My Luck
When time slips away from me I
thought you would say "You're all mine."
I've got it good,
'cause you're right here with me,
and people I see are always
looking for peace among the,
amputee of the blasphemy.

And I know it's getting hard,
take control and disregard.
When things are looking bad enough,
I get rid of all my luck.

Think of the things you always
wanted to be,
and found out,
you're suddenly on the fiction side.
When things can't seem to get much
worst off than me,
I'll always,
"Disagree" for our growing tide.
Track Name: Remote Control
I know that, now, I am so lost.
I thought I'd give it, all I forgot.
You know I am right here for you.
I give a kiss from me to you.
You now know why I worry too,
I hate to see you gave up too.

And now I feel forgotten,
'cause now I think you're gone.
What should I do, or wait for you?
And now I see you're on.

I know you now feel really shy,
and I always ask "why?"
You've been around for so long.
Now I can tell there's something wrong.
Track Name: The Fifth Song
When time has passed me by,
I sit here late at night and think of you.
When all hope seems to go,
you wanted to know,
if I need you.

Looking at you now,
we'll find a way somehow,
to make it back to good.
I would starve our problems, if I could.

Think of the life we'd have,
where nothing makes us mad,
we'd have it all.
I'd give up everything,
to make it what we mean,
I'd give it all.
Track Name: Mother Don't Cry
I know you are sitting at your home.
I know that everyone now knows that you're not alone.
You sit there watching time go by like a hurricane.
You hear the sound of snow,
but it's not, it's only rain.
What's wrong?

You stayed up every night, 'cause I was still awake.
You gave me growing lies, which doesn't bring me much pain.
So now I write this song, for everyone going by,
and now I know you're not alone,
now please don't cry.
Mother don't cry.

Maybe life didn't give you everything you need.
You know you have your life and your family.
You might not know this yet, but you'll find out it's true.
I want you to know this though,
that we believe in you.
Believe in you.
Track Name: With You
As I stare into your eyes,
I see my world changing.
If my life was filled with lies,
you can make it all better.
Tell me what you see in life,
we can get away from it all.
As we both start to cry,
I will catch you if you fall.

Give me your hands
and I'll sing along with you.
We can stay awake
the whole night through.
Don't worry
cause I got you here.
We can run away
and disappear.

As we walked along the streets.
I can find it all better.
As the shoes slide off our feet,
we can run through the rain together.
Tell me where you want to meet,
we can make this all happen.
Can I pull out your seat,
and wait for time to stop passing.
Track Name: Honestly
When I'm with you,
I can get through anything at all.
The sun can go black,
the earth can spin back,
every star can fall.
As long as you're right here to wipe all my tears,
nothing can be wrong.
On our last day,
just say that you'll stay,
I'll sing you one last song.

And it will be the song of all our memories.
About the first time that you talked to me.
The way your hair blew through the breeze,
and how you bring me to my knees,
and all the things we used to do,
together here,
just us two,
and how I feel like such a fool,
but honestly I'd say I love you.
"I love you."

Before I sleep,
the text I read,
is the one that says "Goodnight".
I know I might not have your heart,
but "I love you" feels so right.
You say that we're friends,
but when does that end?
I need to hear you say,
that "He is not it" and you can forget,
and make him go away.
Track Name: Nowhere to Go
Tell me "It's over".
That's all I want to know.
We are no longer.
That's all I need, to let you go.

Well now why should I care?
When you weren't there.
I have nowhere to go,
but anywhere is better than here though.

The tears dry,
let's face it,
our lives run out of time.
We're different places.
Makes me want to say "Good bye".